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Happy Clean offers 100% satisfaction for regular cleaning service, guaranteed, and value for money!

About our House Regular Cleaning Service in Dublin

Besides Dublin, we also offer the same professional house regular cleaning services in Kildare, Meath, Wicklow, Laois, Louth, Offaly, Cavan, Carlow, Wexford, Kilkenny, and other surrounding areas.

Stained and dry fat that needs cleaned
Deep Cleaning service by HappyClean

At Happy Clean, we are a professional cleaning service provider in Dublin with more than 7 years of experience in the Irish market and a lengthy list of both residential and commercial customers. Regular house cleaning services are part of an extended list of high-quality cleaning services that we offer.

5-STAR Experience as per our Clients’ Reviews

No matter how small or big the task you hire us for, our regular cleaning specialists will approach every job with professionalism, and great attention to detail, with the aim of offering you a 5-star experience from start to finish.

Questions for our Regular Cleaning Services?

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Benefits of having a Regular Cleaning by Happy Clean

With our house deep cleaning and regular house cleaning services in Dublin, you can have the neat and tidy home of your dreams without lifting a finger! If you are wondering how to get the best house cleaning services in Dublin and other surrounding areas, wonder no more. Happy Clean is your “one-stop shop” for all your cleaning concerns.

It saves you time and effort

Regular house cleaning is one of many services that you’re better off outsourcing to someone else rather than taking on yourself. Trusting one of our teams of professional house cleaning agents to look after your home, gives you the opportunity to reclaim your time and focus on more important things, such as your hobbies or spend more time with your friends and family. With the busy lifestyle we are all leading today, it might be hard to find the time and energy to stay on top of all the cleaning tasks a busy home environment involves. Availing of our regular house cleaning services on a weekly, biweekly or even monthly basis, will save you time and effort while enjoying all the benefits of a sparkling clean house.

We use our own cleaning equipment and supplies

When comes to house cleaning, having the right equipment and specialised cleaning solutions helps us achieve excellent results and provide you with the best regular house cleaning services on the market. Our professional cleaning agents in Dublin will come equipped with their own cleaning supplies, so you don’t need to worry about not having the right products or machines. Depending on your needs we use various specialised cleaning solutions, such as disinfectants, mould removers, oven cleaners, furniture polish and others.

Uplifts your mood

Flawless floors, bright rooms, immaculate kitchens, spectacular living rooms, and glittering bathrooms: that’s the kind of house we all want! With the attention to detail and great quality of work provided by one of our professional house regular cleaning Dublin teams, your home will look and feel clean and fresh for a longer period of time.

Happy Clean Dublin Brand

Uplift your mood and limit the stress

Maintaining a clean and organised house has many benefits that go beyond the aesthetics, promoting a healthier lifestyle and helping you be more focused and stress-free. Our trained and experienced house cleaning agents will go over every corner of your home, dusting, mopping, washing and scrubbing away all the dust, dirt and other contaminants, leaving your house clean, fresh and sanitised. More than that, setting up a cleaning schedule will take a great deal of the housekeeping off your plate, reducing the stress and effort these tasks usually involve. At Happy Clean, we always try our best to accommodate you at the required date and time, even on short notice.

Customised cleaning packages

At Happy Clean, we know the importance of offering customised house cleaning services and we are very flexible in adjusting our services to your needs and tastes. Are you more concerned about dust and allergens than you are about decluttering? Maybe you want our house cleaning specialists to be more focused on baseboards and floors instead of surfaces. Whatever your desires, a huge benefit of using our regular house cleaning services in Dublin is that we will listen to all your cleaning needs and concerns and cater to them all.

Reduces stress

Regular cleaning of your property on a regular basis helps revitalise your space and promotes a more inviting and healthier environment. The absence of clutter and disorder uplifts your mood, helps you be more focused and reduces your anxiety. The Happy Clean house cleaning agents will get rid of all the dust, dirt, garbage and dandruff, making you fall in love again with your house.

An extended list of cleaning services

Happy Clean offer an extended list of 5-star cleaning services in Dublin and other surrounding areas. From carpet, upholstery, mattresses or hard floors, to windows, power washing or house deep cleaning, we do them all at the highest standards. This comes in handy, if besides having your home regularly cleaned by our professional house cleaning agents, you also want to get rid of an unwanted stain on your carpet, or refresh the look of an old sofa. Using more than one of our cleaning services in Dublin comes with great benefits, such as a combo deal. Get more with less!

If taking care of your residence is taking too much time and effort, why not get the help you need? At Happy Clean, we have many cleaning teams servicing all Dublin areas, as well as other surrounding counties, so next time you look for a “local cleaning company near me Dublin”, make sure you get in touch! Happy Clean is your local house cleaning company you can count on!

What makes Happy Clean the best option for

Regular Cleaning in Dublin

Upgradable Services & Maintenance

The Happy Clean regular house cleaning services come to your aid anytime you need a quick freshen-up of your house or commercial property. If you have used our house deep cleaning services in Dublin before, regular house cleaning services are a great option for enhancing and prolonging all the benefits of deep cleaning.

Competitive prices and combo deals

Our house regular cleaning service in Dublin is more affordable than you think! While not the cheapest on the market, Happy Clean offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed and great “value for money”. With an extended list of professional cleaning services in Dublin, we provide you with discounts and combo deals each time you choose to use more than one of our services.

Excellent customer service

No matter how you choose to contact us, by phone, text, WhatsApp, social media, email, or through our website, our customer service representatives are available 24/7 to assist you with any queries you might have regarding our regular cleaning Dublin services, give quotes, and make appointments.

Flexible working hours

Do you need to make an appointment for our regular cleaning services in Dublin on short notice? At Happy Clean, we always try our best to accommodate you at the required time and date. If your residence is in Dublin or any surrounding areas, consider it done!