How to lose a cat – Stories of a Happy Cleaner

As part of our service, Airbnb cleaning is a big part of the regular cleaning service. And we can say that we have proudly cleaned hundreds of properties over the years and got them ready to welcome tourists from all over the world. But as we’ve cleaned so many houses in the past years, we have obviously been through some weird or funny situations. So let me tell you one of them, about how to lose a cat (and find the cat) in one hour that seemed like a week.

It was a lovely summer day when the cleaning team arrived at the house located in the heart of Dublin. We were booked to do a mid stay in this property, for a long term guest who had rented the property for three months and was now away on holidays. A lovely house, which we have cleaned many times before. As usual, we took the key out of the lockbox, let ourselves in and started to work. We started by making the beds upstairs, cleaning the bathrooms, vacuuming and all the normal activities for a regular Airbnb cleaning. But this was far from being a regular job.

Just as we finished cleaning the upstairs, the phone rang. It was the Airbnb owner, who wanted to make sure we don’t let the cat out of the house. Cat?!? What cat??? There was no cat to be seen!

So the cleaners put down all their cleaning equipment and started to look for a cat…. THE CAT! After 20 minutes of turning the house upside down, there was still no cat. Suddenly, one of the cleaners looked at the main door and left out a gasp! It was slightly open…

They all went outside looking for the cat. Just to remind you that we were in a city center location, on a main road, with just a tiny front garden. Down in the bushes, they saw something sparkling and when they got closer, there she was! THE CAT! But as soon as they got near it, the cat decided to run on the pathway. The cleaners were terrified as there were lots of cars driving up and down the road… After trying to surround the cat or chase it back in the house for about 20 minutes, without any luck, they decided to stop and see what it will do if left alone. And as they were sitting around looking at the cat (and the cat looking at the cleaners), it decided to just turn around and head back in the house by itself.

The cleaners sighed with relief and followed the cat in the house, to see that it went straight to sleep on a freshly made bed. Probably got tired after all that adventure!

So we locked the door, finished the cleaning and left the house, still shaking from all that adventure and sweatier than from any other deep clean we’ve ever done!

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