How to choose a good car wash

Your vehicle is a valuable asset, and most likely very important to you. Most car owners, like to keep their vehicles nice and clean, not only for their own comfort, but also to protect their investment. Choices you make about the care and maintenance of your car will have a direct impact on its performance and value retention. Therefore, finding a good quality and reliable car wash service is highly recommended.

How do you choose a good car wash for your vehicle? First of all is important to decide how much you want to spend for the service, and how much time you want to invest in cleaning your car. After that, there are a few aspects that are great indicators of the work a car wash service is providing.

Read our list below to found out what you should look for in order to choose a car wash that delivers excellent results:

  • Quality products and equipment;
  • Experience and reputation;
  • Value, convenience, affordability;
  • Wide range of options and services;


Quality products and equipment

One of the greatest advantage of having your car serviced by professionals is the good quality of the cleaning products, as well as the equipment they use. There is that much you can do yourself using DIY methods or shelve supplies. It is much easier to do an effective and efficient job using the right tools. Not to mention that modern car wash soaps and chemicals are formulated to have less impact on the environment than the products available in the past. So not only that they offer a great clean and easy rinsing, but they are nature friendly too. More than that, experts have the knowledge and means to dispose of waste effectively.

Before choosing a car wash service, make sure they have a good quality car wash product supplier, and they are using a wide range of class-leading soaps and chemicals. Just think about the fact that your vehicle is exposed daily to pollen, dirt, salt, bird droppings, rain and UV rays of the sun. All these natural elements wear on your paint over time. Regular car washes will remove these contaminants, so picking the right car wash will go a long way towards getting the best results.

At Happy Clean Car Wash, we work with nothing but top of the line cleaning products and car washing equipment, so you can rest assured that only the best soaps and chemicals are used to clean your vehicle.


Experience and reputation

A good reputation is typically built up over years of experience providing excellent service. One of the best indicator of what kind of work a car wash is doing, is the reputation they hold in the community. Recommendations from friends and family are also very reliable. Another way to find out more about a business is to do a bit of online research. You could check their Google rating and read their reviews.

Value, convenience, affordability


I am sure you are familiar with “You get what you paid for” saying. No matter the service we look for, we tend to associate value with the cost. I guess the question we need to ask ourselves is “do we really need that specific product, or should we consider the cheaper option?” Things are no different when comes to choosing a car wash. One of the main considerations in deciding how much to pay for having your vehicle clean is how often you actually clean it. If you do it on regular basis, then probably you don’t need all the works every time. In fact, a basic wash or hand washing might be all you need in between an occasional high-priced full valet. Also, you need to pay attention to all the extra services included/or not in the price. You can pay extra for wheel cleaning and other specialty services, but they are usually not really needed unless you drive through mud or dust on a regular basis. In those cases, you may need the added service to prevent damage to specific components of your vehicle.

Another thing to consider is how much time do you want to spend waiting for your car to be washed. Speed and convenience are often a product of experience. You want a car wash service with a tried and true system in place that offers both speed and convenience.

In terms of pricing, what you should really look for is value for money. Either you choose a quick wash or a full valet, both should be done in a professional manner and with excellent results.

Wide range of options and services

Different vehicles and drivers have varying needs and a good car wash will cater to all of them. You should have the opportunity to choose from the basic self-serve to the intensive cleaning for your car. Being able to choose from an extensive list of options and services is an integral feature of an exceptional car wash.

Some of the services you should expect to find will likely include:

  • self-service wash;
  • full exterior wash;
  • undercarriage cleaning;
  • hand dry and hand wax;
  • interior cleaning;
  • window and tire care;
  • express detail service;

No matter your vehicle needs a spa treatment or a quick bath, choose a car wash that matches your needs. If you are looking for a good car wash in Dublin 15 area, then Happy Clean Car Wash is your best option. Using top-notch supplies and with a great eye for details, they will hand wash your car removing all the dirt and water spots an automated car wash may miss.

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